The fallout from the coronavirus. Latest Development in crisis in British Higher Education and what this means for 1.9 billion young people!
We want to bring the UK, EU and international students together with young people, world leaders and thought leaders from all over the world to address the current issues in higher education.


Our Summit was live on 14th Aug 2020. 

Watch this space for highlights or take a look at all of our videos.

Our Speakers

Tessy Antony de Nassau

Former HRH Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, Doctorate & PHD Candidate in Integrative Medicine, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Board Member

Michael Adekunle

Business Developer, Project Manager, Social Entrepreneur, Realtor

Silvia Alessi

Queen Mary University of London Postgraduate Student, International Development Advocate

Zack Polanski

Green Party London Assembly Candidate

Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

Green Party Life peer

Alexandra Bulat

Young Europeans Network Manager at the3million

Q&A Session Bookings

Each panel discussion session on the day will be 25 minutes, followed by a small group 20 minutes Q&A to ask any question you might have to the panellist.
The registration for the event is free and gives you access to watch all the panel discussion sessions. However, a payment is required to enter a Q&A session (the link for the Q&A meeting will be sent after you purchased the ticket).
You can book onto as many Q&A sessions as you like and the number of tickets for each Q&A is limited!


Q&A Session 1

Opening Conversation

Q&A Session 2

Inspired Accountability 

Q&A Session 3

Trafficking & Modern Slavery 

Q&A Session 4

Public Health

Q&A Session 5

Legal Protection

Q&A Session 6

Future Proofing

Q&A Session 7

Education Empowerment 

Q&A Session 8



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