Skilful Learning for Life and Work


Skilful Learning for Life and Work

Learn about work experience, skills and education

A short email course with insights into education. 5 emails, once a month. Our course will help you learn about work experience. You’ll have a better understanding of why you should care about work experience, how work experience and knowing about work experience benefits you. You may also be inspired with ways to best support students.

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Product Description

Work experience

It matters.

Even if you don’t feel an expert on education. You need to understand the role of work experience in education and why work experience is key to degrees. More importantly, why you need work experience to be taught and taught well – so you can live well.

We depend on accountants, nurses, engineers, GPs, people in the built environment, construction, finance, business, management, healthcare and so much more to have the skills to do their jobs safely. You need people to have the right work experience. So you can get on with your every day life because Society is running smoothly.

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Course structure outline

  1. what is education

work experience – is it education? Why?

what courses are students on?

  1. University Reforms

what’s all the fuss?

Is the university minister right?

  1. What does UK law say on employment, immigration, human rights and education?
  1. profitability, education and online learning

ROI for students

ROI for sending countries – trade partners

profitability for employers

profitability for HE employers

Covid19 – what’s needed to support students in education

5. what are the solutions?

can the chaos and unpredictability of covid19 can teach us anything