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Hi there,

Are you a pub owner?

Would you like us to promote your pub to university students and to regularly bring students to your pub and introduce them to the great food, drink and other offers you have?

Then buy your sponsorship securely here and become a partner of our Peer Support and Public Health programs.

Thank you 🙂

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We’re super happy you want to support our work with corporate sponsorship.

You can buy your preferred sponsorship level with confidence. Our checkout is powered by PayPal. So it is secure. You can pay by card, you do not need a paypal account. If you want to pay by debit or credit card, just scroll right to the bottom when the PayPal check out page comes up after you click “Buy Now”. You can also pay by PayPal.

If you choose one of our recurring sponsorship opportunities. You can pay monthly instead of a lump sum.

Please buy the corresponding monthly payment for the level you choose here. We will contact you by email to set up your secure subscription invoicing for the remaining 4 months. So you can pay easily and securely online in your checkout customised to your pub.

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Sponsorship levels

200, 150, 100, 50, 20