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We want to help many, many more students than we already are. So we’re bringing back our popular newsletter. This way, we can show many more people how you can avoid common but under reported pitfalls in education. So you can study well and boost your chances of success.

PASS ©️ is your passport to unlocking great education and unleashing exceptional opportunities for you.

PASS ©️ is EBB’s monthly education publication with reliable reports, carefully chosen info and exclusive insights into emerging trends and common but under reported issues in education you need to know about. So you can do well in your studies. Plus, give you a head start to achieve your career goals!

PASS ©️ is one more way for EBB to support people through education during Covid19. PASS ©️ has vital info you need if you’re coming to study from abroad, or studying from at home. Or even if you choose to stay in your country. PASS ©️ is your survival guide with insider info on legal details, housing and other vital guides.

Sales proceeds go to fund EBB’s work helping students. We help students in two (2) ways :-

  • Provide practical help and support
  • Help people to help themselves : Give people valuable work experience and skills training opportunities on live projects. This includes opportunities to help produce our newsletter.
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Product Description

Inside our September 2020 edition

Coronavirus – guide to what to expect

Outlook: Significant disruption ahead


2nd spike is forecasted –

  • what this means for students
  • What this means for the future of education
  • What this means for the new academic year
  • What this means for graduates and students who need work experience
  • What this means for young professionals and the future of work

University reforms & planned strikes –

What this means for students

Covid19 recession –

What this means for students and graduates

Brexit –

  •     What this means for EU students
  •     What this means for international students
  •     What this means for international students in the EU
  •     What this means for British students in the UK and the EU

Do you need a job or to finish your studies? How to find out

Case study – how to be resilient

Story of an inspirational student who has overcome the odds

Where to find help –

  • How EBB can help you
  • Access to book onto HR specialist help – careers guidance, strategy consultancy, cv template help at cheaper prices, interview guides, career and personal development coaching

Special Message from our partner – take personal responsibility, find a solution

Freebies and bonus content

  • Chance to join our insider club – become a member for free – exclusive access to events and activities not advertised. EBB is by invitation only. We’re open to all students, graduates, apprentices and young professionals who love education as much as we do
  • Footage from EBB Youth Summit – how to get work experience (embed teaser) and give link to youtube to watch full session
  • Access to podcast
  • Early bird access to pre-order ticket for September 2020 event
  • Chance to talk to a featured expert about an on trend topic in Higher Education
  • EBB Head of Legals – typical student experience during lockdown. Have a better idea what to expect during a 2nd wave

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